Monday, September 14, 2009

You are invited...

I've been in love with paper since I was a young girl. I used to set up movie theaters in the basement and create tiny paper tickets for my family members and stuffed animals. I was obsessed with making books about various species... there was a bird book, a dog book, a zoo animal book. (Man, I wish I still had them!) Lists, menus, cards, valentines, calendars. You name it, I made it.
While everyone else was ordering their college graduation announcements from the CO-OP, I was busy formatting and aligning in MS Word. These announcements were my first foray into the world widespread distribution of personalized paper goods. From there, I went on to create our wedding invitation. It was truly a labor of love... and an exercise in mass production. Since then, I have designed and produced invitations for 5 weddings, announcements for two babies, invites and other printed items for two baby showers, and stationery for countless other events. I've also been working on a line of children's calling cards. 
I love receiving cards and invitations in the mail... and I absolutely love sending them. How exciting is it to find a pink envelope addressed in calligraphy, amongst the bills and val-u-pak coupons. (Although, I know some ladies who get pretty darn excited about those too... wink, wink.) 
So why don't I start my own stationery business? Good question. Maybe writing this blog will lead to something, help me figure out if making paper prettiness is really where I'm headed. But, until then, here are some samples of my previous works on paper. Bon appetit!