Monday, September 7, 2009

The Ultimate Gathering

Weddings are the penultimate gatherings. Not only is it a celebration of love between a couple, it's a celebration of love between family and friends. Never again may you see all the people that you love in one place, at one time. With that thought in mind, I set about planning our wedding. I wanted it to be a day celebrating our future, but sprinkled with symbols of our past.

Some detail shots from our wedding...
Colors: Brown and Aqua.

Flowers: Lilies, Roses, Lotus Pods, Wax flowers.

Menu: Unfortunately I can't remember what we served... I don't think I ate anything but cake. Cake that took me by surprise with it's PINK inside! Location: Barr Mansion- an AMAZING place.

I created this infinity motif and used it prolifically. The image stemmed from a pair of crown of thorn rings that Mark and I bought for each other on our first Christmas together. We had no idea that the ring spoke about our commitment to God. We thought it was about our commitment to each other- and they looked cool. I thought it fitting that these first rings should pop back up at our wedding.

I'll post later about our invitations, because invites are another love of my life.
The matchbook favors were printed by They generally design and print for businesses... bars, restaurants, nightclubs etc. But I liked the way they are made SO much better than any wedding matchbook company. Plus, it was 80 bucks for ONE THOUSAND matchbooks. We joke that we'll never run out of them... but that very thought could lead to their extinction. I see myself designing a new set for our 10th anniversary.

I made our programs into fans... to help dissipate the intense heat of the setting Texas sun while Mark and I said our vows. Hope they worked... but, if not, at least they were cute! My mom and I made the ring pillow together. I'm not much of a seamstress, but with the right guidance, I can put something together.

Our photographer, Vanessa Escobedo Barba, was brilliant. She captured every element of the day. Our florist, Alisa Marrow, is so very talented and created exactly the feel that I described to her. (Unfortunately, I think she has decided to do wedding photography full time, so she's no longer creating floral masterpieces.)

All of these details were a delight for me... each part of planning and creating our wedding was, to me, a statement of my love for Mark and our life together.

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