Sunday, September 20, 2009

Red Hot Red Dot!

For our anniversary each year, Mark and I seek out an artwork to add to our "collection." It's a fun process... visiting galleries, doing a bit of traveling, and researching artists in search of something that 1) works with our decor 2) strikes both our interests and 3) is reasonably priced!

And for the past three years we've been able to find something that fits all three criteria at Women & Their Work Gallery's Red Hot Red Dot event. The gallery collects donated work from local artists (men and women for this show) and sets a price (not to exceed $500.) The array of work is spectacular. From the well known to the obscure, there is such a variety of styles, sizes, subject matter, media. Also, the event is a great night out... good food, fun people, and a silent auction. (Which I have decided I have no "talent" for.)

We found two prints by artist Shepard Fairey, of OBEYGiant/Obama Poster fame. I'm really excited for them to come home with us... they'll be on view at W&TW for the next month or so.

Also, we were caught by the A-AS's Out and About social columnist, Michael Barnes.... so here we are on his blog. Pretty funny!

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