Monday, January 23, 2012

In My Dreams

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So, if you know me, you know that one of my favorite pastimes is to look at houses on and off the market. Via car or internet, I love to dream up what I'd do to make them MINE.
Thought I'd share a few of my most recent crushes and my ideas for their revamping!
Ah, the Preston House... Italian Renaissance in Pemberton. Sad to lose this one. See more (and photo info) at
FABULOUS Patio courtyardLove this laundry room sink and the beautiful tile work behind it.Stencilled stairs.gorgeousreading glam! entry

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Take Me Out

My efforts at homecookery have been undone this week. The old plumbing that runs from our kitchen sink and dishwasher rotted out and has been leaking indescribably yucky stuff under our house... So, until it is repaired, and I can again wash dishes and pots, I will be a slave to the microwave, disposable dishes, and take out. (I know, so UN-me!)
In honor of this week, here are my favorite, relatively healthy, relatively inexpensive fast food options here in the ATX (In no particular order, except the order that they popped into my head.)
1. Chipotle
2. Tino's Greek Cafe
3. Santa Rita Cantina
4. Tarka Indian
5. Taco Deli
6. P. Terry's
7. Phoenician Bakery
8. Arpeggio Grill
9. Salvation Pizza
10. Central Market

Monday, October 24, 2011

Starting Over- Again! Plus- Menu for the Week

After a bumpy last few weeks, we're going flat- scaloppine, pies, pizza, schnitzel, and paillards!
Take a peek at Mark Bittman's article, Take a Pounding, in this weeks NYT Mag- image above from

Monday- Chicken Scaloppine al Limone with Sauteed Squash
Tuesday- Grilled Veggie Pizzas + PIE PARTY!!! More to follow!
Wednesday- Chicken Pot Pies
Thursday- Urban Roots Fall Harvest Celebration!
Friday- Beef Paillards with Capers and Watercress

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lovely Living

Some new additions to my Pinterests! Such drama!

Are you Pinterested?

Well, I am...
Sadly I haven't had time to be the blogger I'd like to be these days. But I've fallen for Pinterest- an application/site where you can keep a record of all things wonderful. From recipes to remodeling ideas, Pinterest is a feast for the eyes. Photo links can be pinned and repinned and organized in any way you desire.
So, in this time when I have so little time, I hope you will follow me and my boards on Pinterest!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hot Off the Grill: Easy Additions to Summer Food

Sometimes a little kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper is all you need to make grilled food shine... and sometimes you want something a little more complex. Here are some quick and easy sauces and condiments that elevate simple foods- image from

Compound Herb Butters- 
Great on grilled chicken, steaks, or veggies
3-4 tbsp salted or unsalted butter (your preference)
3-4 tbsp fresh herbs such as tarragon, basil, mint, or cilantro (you can also use a mixture)
Soften the butter slightly by letting it come to room temp on the counter or microwaving for 10 seconds. Chop the herbs finely and combine. Wrap in wax paper and return to fridge. Melt over meat or veggies.

Caper Sauce (from Real Simple Magazine)- similar to a chimichurri sauce- Zesty and delish!

Herbed Salt-
Turns freezer fries into pommes frites!
1 tbsp minced herbs (thyme, rosemary, parsley)
1 tsp kosher salt
Stir together and sprinkle over hot fries.

Hello, world!

I'm back! Or... at least I am going to try to be back.
Little one is almost 4 months old. Things are going relatively smoothly and one of the biggest indicators of this is that I have been able to COOK DINNER for the last few weeks. Nothing too fancy- some good grilled dishes with herbs from the garden and simple sides. I will share as soon as I can!
Wow... so much to write about, I don't know where to start... So let's start with the birth announcement I sent out for Valentine's Day for the new little one! My sweet boys...