Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Great Idea: Nursery Notice

You've been given notice... Today's Daily Candy features a website that allows new parents to send an e-nnouncement about their bundle of joy. Loved ones can post well wishes for up to a month!
What a cute idea!
Nursery Notice http://www.nurserynotice.com/

Monday, August 30, 2010

H's Big Boy Room!

Big news! In February, our little family will be getting bigger. And our little house will be getting smaller! But, as last month's issue of House Beautiful proclaimed: Small is the new BIG! 
So, we'll make the best of our 1550 feet by moving H to the front bedroom and making way for baby in the nursery. (Where my crafting and creating is going to happen is yet to be determined...) But for now, I am excited to reveal my design for H's Hip and Happening Big Boy Room! 
Somethings old and somethings new,  it will come together to make a space where he can play, read, relax and, hopefully, sleep! I'll keep you posted on the developments- we hare hoping to complete it by the beginning of the new year. (And the arrival of Peabody Hanna!)

Go Coastal Dinner Party

This month I got the chance to plan a party that I wasn't even hosting! I had a blast creating the menu and decor for a friend's supper club. The best part: her friends raved about everything and asked for my contact info. 1809west is adding party planning to her bag of tricks!

Pat The Bunny Baby Shower

The playgroup feted Julia and Erinn with a party inspired by a childhood fave: Pat The Bunny.
Who new such a simple book could inspire so many ideas for food, decor, activities and more!
Pat the Bunny Baby Shower
(Rabbit Food!)
Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Veggie Eggrolls and Dumplings
Crudite of arrots, jicama, celery and more with Garden Veggie Dip
Carrot Cupcakes
"How Big is Bunny? and "Hear the Tick-Tick Bunny?" Guessing Games
See Mommy's Shiny Nails Pedicures
The expectant mamas took home gift baskets full of PTB books and puzzles, PTB onesies (created from Iron-on transfers) and some other fun girlie stuff. Plus, "Feel Daddy's Scratchy Face" portraits of the daddies!

Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Invite

This adorable little invite wasn't fit to print! The new parents wanted an eco-friendly baby shower, which included an email-only invite. A hand-painted image gave a soft edge to the digital medium. Even though I'm a big fan of paper stationery, going green is lots of fun!

Beachy Keen Baby Shower Invite

My sister-in law-hosted a baby shower for her friends in DC. She asked me to create an invite that would reflect the laid-back, beach-y vibe for this gender-neutral shower. The invite was printed on textured paper. A fun, modern coastal design!

School's IN for the Fall!

Now that school is just around the corner for my little one, I can finally breathe and think about documenting all the fun stuff I've been up to this summer.
Prepare yourselves for rapid fire blogging over the next few weeks as we settle into my favorite season of all... FALL!