Monday, August 30, 2010

H's Big Boy Room!

Big news! In February, our little family will be getting bigger. And our little house will be getting smaller! But, as last month's issue of House Beautiful proclaimed: Small is the new BIG! 
So, we'll make the best of our 1550 feet by moving H to the front bedroom and making way for baby in the nursery. (Where my crafting and creating is going to happen is yet to be determined...) But for now, I am excited to reveal my design for H's Hip and Happening Big Boy Room! 
Somethings old and somethings new,  it will come together to make a space where he can play, read, relax and, hopefully, sleep! I'll keep you posted on the developments- we hare hoping to complete it by the beginning of the new year. (And the arrival of Peabody Hanna!)

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