Monday, September 7, 2009

Outback Outback

I'll go back to the past later, but, before Henry wakes up and we get going for the day, I have to talk about what we're doing tonight.

My family has a faux-sarcastic love/hate relationship with the Outback Steakhouse. For a while there, it was our celebration station for birthdays and other events. Then there were some bad experiences... hair in the food, cold steaks, tray carrying disasters (two in a row) that led to "comped" meals. So, Mom and Kyle started boycotting the Outback. And we started pushing for it even more...

Well, this year we've created a compromise. OUTBACK outback.

Tonight, in honor of my belated birthday, we will replicate Outbacks most revered menu items, dress in ridiculous Aussie clothes, drink Fosters and Yellowtail, and probably say "Bonzer!" a few too many times. And eat, not in a restaurant with cheesy waiters and ridiculously low hanging chandeliers, but on our back porch.

Menu: Bloomin' Onion, Pumpernickel bread with butter, Outback Specials with side salads all around
Decor: Hmm... maybe I'll have some time to make some boomerangs and hang some random sheep farming equipment around?
Dress: Aussie Scavenger (Just whatever Khaki/denim/plaid we have)
Invite: Call/Text

Oh! Hen's awake. I'll be back later... well, probably tomorrow, with photos of this momentous occasion.

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