Friday, April 9, 2010

Outdoor Inspiration Part II

Some more pics, this time from another late-great magazine, Cottage Living. The name may imply a certain leaning towards doilies and teddy bears, but the content was anything but. I've kept my back issues for future perusing...
Another gorgeous, albeit relatively low-maintenance garden, this time right in my own backyard. (Well, it's just a few blocks away.) Such amazing use of organic and geometric, order and chaos. Divine! The cover photo is a Bradford Pear Tree alee in the back yard. The lantern is a whimsical touch and I love that the twinkling lights alternate between round and candelabra. I just bought some japanese boxwoods to line our sidewalk.
These pics are from the same Cottage Living issue. A Tucson garden that is anything but desert!


  1. Hi there,
    Caught the link to your blog by way of Shelter.
    Love Cottage Living (or should I say that I loved it once) (alas) and the cover story you posted about is from a Austin garden. Are you an Austin gal?
    I live in Dallas now, but spent 4+ happy years with my hubby and girls in your town.

  2. Yes! I am proud to call Austin "home!" We lived in Dallas for 3 yrs while my husband went to school though.
    The house in that issue is within walking distance of our house. It's really interesting to see how her garden has changed since the article came out. It's a bit wilder, but still has the same structure. Thanks for posting!