Monday, April 5, 2010

Foray into the Interior Design World...

Well,  the little guy is still snoozing, so I might as well take advantage of this time!
This winter, some good friends asked me to redesign their formal living room. First of all, I took this as a huge compliment... I mean, yes, I would love to do interior design work professionally, but I just haven't taken that leap yet. (And whether that leap means going to school or just starting my own business outright, I'm still deciding...)
This was my dream job- the clients liked my style, so I approached the design as if it were my own living room. I put together several different "looks," pulling sofas, lighting, occasional tables, rugs, paint swatches, and tile samples. After our first consultation, I created a drawing with all the elements that they selected.

Once all the large pieces arrived, I worked with them to select a paint color for the walls, and new tile for the hearth. Below is a before pic and my sketch with most of the major elements of my design. I will post final pics soon!

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