Friday, April 30, 2010



I am so excited that one of my passions is turning into regular work! 1809design, the home design branch of my little tree of creative endeavors, welcomed two new clients this week!
The first project is a living room and study area... I am channeling Ellen Pompeo's fabulously eclectic abode, featured in this month's Elle Decor. I found a new love in designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. Moorish inspired pieces for the modern home- ugh, his collection is just too ME!
Here are a few pieces (not Lawrence-Bullard pieces, I regretfully inform you...) that I am including in the  design. Fun stuff!

The second project is in the works and a first for me: an office space for film-makers, editors, and other young, fun, arty people. Can't wait to start researching office design.... I'll share more as it evolves!
Happy weekend!

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  1. linds, this is SO EXCITING! i'm thrilled for you and can't wait to hear/see more!