Monday, November 8, 2010

Highlights from NYT Design Mag

It's always such a delight to find the Design Issue of the NYT Magazine carefully tucked inside the Sunday Times.
Here are some things that tickled my fancy. (Do I see a dream Christmas list forming? Why, yes I do!)

Reversible Tote from Tiffany (Actually, they misquoted the price in the Mag- its 395, not 595. Ahem.) The Camel/Gold combo will be an instant classic, in my book.

Stick the Snail from Donna Wilson- He's just darn cute. And kinda grumpy.
seating for eating
Studioilse's Seating for Eating- Clean, simple, oddly proportioned.

Matt Pug's Owls- Cute little owlies in oak, walnut and a myriad of colors.

Oh and THIS house.


  1. I want it all. Especially the house. Is Mark getting you that house for Christmas? I think that is what his message said. (this is Dawn btw)

  2. Yes, but of course!- not sure when we are moving. In fact, I haven't been involved at all in the closing. Hmm... I'll have to ask him. ;)