Thursday, November 12, 2009

Because E Asked...

Blue Hanger is Goodwill's Outlet Store.... I know, I know, why would you need to go to an outlet for a thrift store???
Well, for starters at BHSouth, which houses only clothing and other "soft" goods, everything is $1.25. You can find vintage stuff, label stuff, funky tapestries, and table linens. The North location features odds and ends... toys, lamps, mirrors, furniture, glassware, vases, and all kinds of goodies. Now for the catch:
BH is completely unorganized; everything just tossed together in bins. It's a good idea to wear gloves... and bring some hand sanitizer. The hunt is a definite process, sifting through household detritus (just had to use that word...) to find your next Holiday centerpiece.
They turn over new tables of stuff about every 30 minutes... ushering out the "old" and bringing in the "unknown." While this process takes place, a barricade goes up, and people cram together. They ignore what is already out on the tables, trying to decide if that tweed thing across the room is a men's jacket or a women's skirt in just the right size. BUT don't try to cross too soon! The Blue Hanger Bouncers will boot you out faster than you can say "antique road show."
When those barricades are taken down... AND the officials have given the "OK"... the hoard swoops down onto the promised land. These vultures are ruthless... elbowing their way in front of you and snatching up their prize.
If you think I'm being overly dramatic... Just go... I dare you!
(And I'll go with you...)

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  1. I'll get the rubber gloves - totally necessary. Let's go! I love that place. Once I found a brand new burberry scarf.