Monday, January 18, 2010

Fireside Pies- A Dallas Treat

A trip to Dallas this weekend freshened my yearning for our favorite old haunts... and although we made the "turnaround" in less than 24 hours, we were able to cross Fireside Pies off the list. 
Their Cheese Salad gives salad a bad name... in a good way. Tossed with gobs of shredded mozzarella, doused in red pepper ranch, and topped with luscious roasted pepper strips, this thing is like the Jabba the Hut of first courses. (Or maybe more like Pizza the Hut...) Oh yeah, and there's some romaine tossed in there, just for fun. By comparison, my favorite of their pies, The Triple 'Roni looks like a lightweight. It's a fairly simple composition of generous handfuls of cheese, pepperoni, shredded basil... and then drizzled with the goddess of garnishes- truffle oil. A meal so satisfying that I didn't even feel the need for to beg Mark to take me to La Duni in the morning. Don't worry Migas con Quatro Quesos, I'll see you next time...

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